Miles Away

by Esta Coda

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Miles Away is our second EP of recorded music noise.

Someone Else
Miles Away


released April 17, 2015

Esta Coda: Jay Preston, Jon Fletcher, Daniel Rosler, Pat King

Ben Walsh (Vocals, Miles Away)
Melinda May (Vocals, Miles Away)
Sean Walsh (Guitar, Instead)

Mixed and Produced by Mike Watts,VuDu Studios
Mastered by Tom Happel, VuDu Studios
Co-Produced by Will Yip
Engineered by Joe Loftus and Jay Preston, JL Studios, Tom Happel and Frank Mitaritonna, VuDu Studios
Artwork Direction and Design by Nick Ogonosky


all rights reserved



Esta Coda Scranton, Pennsylvania


Instagram: @estacoda
Twitter: @estacoda

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Track Name: Rain
I said I was leaving for the day
Can't believe you thought I'd stay
With the whole world out there
Just tugging at my shirt
There were times when I had nothing to say
There were times we were doing okay
And to this day
I wouldn't change a thing
I'll stand out in the rain
And watch it all pass by
I might not come home again
I just don't know if I can
But if you need someone to blame
To help you get by
That's one thing I'm good for
You've shut more than one door in my face
I said I was leaving for the day
Then you stepped out of my way
There was something about it
That never quite felt real
The way your stare never broke at all
The way each step felt just like I could fall
And the way we both missed
The chance to save it all
And all those photographs you've taken
Well, I know that one by one they'll go to waste
Those flames burn closer to your fingers
Although you burnt them all, you can't let go
I'll stand out in the rain
And watch it all pass by
On a cold night I feel like I just might
Not make it out this time
Track Name: Someone Else
Someone else talks through my mouth
When I'm down and out
Tired hands,
Round wire necks
I'm not different
Why can't you see what it means to me?
Somewhere else there's a modest house
Where ghosts go to tan
Shed the shades of seventeen
Long walks on the tracks
The sidewalk's a beach in the city heat
I'm afraid again of a past that isn't mine
It doesn't belong to me
I'm afraid again of a place I've always been
It doesn't belong to me
Track Name: Laundry
I'm running out of things to say
I'm running out of clothes to wear
I'm running out of reasons
To wake just to find
I'm never where I want to be
I'm never who I want to be
But every time I'll lie,
I'll lie for you
But you?
I'm as passive as a turnstile
I'm as patient as painted tile
Just waiting for my luck to dry
The leaves are floating,
Little waving hands
Martyrs for a season's plan
To shed away what it doesn't need
But you?
I remember feeling like a ghost
In all the places I'd go
I remember when I took you home
You told me not to look so sad
Blue eyes,
When I'll lie
I'll lie for you
But you?
I remember feeling like a ghost
(But you?)
I remember when I took you home
(But you?)
Track Name: Miles Away
I wrote this letter for you to read after I leave
I can't watch you read it, I'm much too weak
So, darling please, don't you read it 'till I'm miles away
I wrote this letter, I spelled it out the best I could
It took forever to write those words, I know they won't
Make it worth it, make it better, make it right
I know I never said I'm sorry til right now
And I never thought I'd have to write it down
But to say those words out loud
Would take more strength than I've found
So help me now, don't leave me miles away
I'll leave it by the door
Won't let you search anymore
For what you already know
What I could not tell you before
Will you take it as a confession, as it is?
I'll know it's over when you say nothing at all
But I hope to be there when you call
Track Name: Instead
Oxycontin teen in a Turkey Hill
Sucking on gas fumes
Craving for a thrill
No, I can't believe
In what I'm seeing now
Traffic light fights
They never turn red
Hide behind a screen
Let it think instead
No, I can't believe
In what you're saying now
Oh, 'cause I'd rather be miles away
Than miles underneath

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